"Why should the calculus of the destinies not have its thorny parts?"

"Nice and Slow" by Usher.

I forgot Kimora is the love interest in this video! Anyway, today I was thinking — as I often do — that Usher doesn’t get enough credit as our generation’s top male R&B singer.

Happy Friday!

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Classic Claire.

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Mr. and Mrs. Quimby, right before Claire delightfully expresses her boredom with Warren’s lame suburban dreams.


Audrey Totter and Richard Basehart in Tension (1949).

September 2014, the month and year when I first saw the film Tension, and gained a new idol: Claire Quimby, as portrayed by Audrey Totter. Fantastic.


Audrey Totter- Tension (1949)

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"None of this proves that the Affordable Care Act is a good law or that conservatives should love it.
"But it does prove that the Affordable Care Act is working just fine. When an initiative comes in ahead of schedule and below-cost, that’s called working. And the people on the new Obamacare plans are using them and they like them.”


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Not without my pig

Thank you to Lindsay Friedman for writing this profile…we’ve seen the pig being walked around our neighborhood and had so many questions. Friedman covers most of them, but leaves out the most important: pig shit — it’s disgusting, how do they deal with that in a city?  Is it different if you feed them special food or something? I grew up near to hog farms, so I was very concerned about this issue the first time I saw Linus out on a walk.

But in any case, it sounds like they are moving away soon…which is fine with me.

"Turn It Up" by Michael Davidson.

I listened to this song maybe a thousand times back in the summer of 1987, lying around my friend Kelli’s house, dressing Barbies, playing with cigarette lighters, drinking Classic Coke, watching MTV. The cassette tape of the Who’s That Girl Soundtrack was always in the boombox. (We fast-forwarded “The Look of Love” most of the time. Ugh.)

But until now I had never seen the “Turn It Up” video…and OMG I’m so happy that I have now. What passion! To paraphrase another 1987 hit, “I wanna dance with somebody (wearing a mock turtleneck).”

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The most melodious phrase: catalpa blooms.

Chicago, Illinois. June 2014.

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Possibly a case might be made out that children are not human either: but I should not accept it. Agreed that their minds are not just more ignorant and stupider than ours, but differ in kind of thinking (are mad, in fact): but one can, by an effort of will and imagination, think like a child, at least in a partial degree — and even if one’s success is infinitesimal it invalidates the case: while one can no more think like a baby, in the smallest respect, than one can think like a bee.

Richard Hughes, A High Wind in Jamaica (1929).

It’s just a coincidence that I’ve been reading so many books that concern themselves with the strange moral landscape of children this summer.

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